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She’s Waiting There for Me



Kiss Me Down by the Broken Tree House



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Assignment: More Advice for the Student Writers

In preparation for my third residency, we were assigned with a welcoming task/event/gesture for the incoming MFA-ers.

1. Quote of advice: “I enjoy posting feedback because that was important to me when I started–before I knew faces, and families, and quirky quirks. We cared. We heard you. We encouraged and laughed. After we met, we laughed deeper and true.”

2. A visual piece: my abstract of a journey and family/ familiarity/inclusion. Toes reveal a lot about a person–where they’ve been or where they’re going, personal priorities, definitely personality, and definitely a heightened perspective of one’s future writing goals. (I am the fourth generation to inherit a hooked left ring toe…is there a ring toe? You know, like if someone were to get it totally wrong and place an engagement ring on your toe, yeah, it’d be that one.) I think my point was toes:  journey, starts with the first step, individually not much, but together you could evoke a deep humpphh from Michael Ballent when you landed the perfect kickball in his stomach during the second grade.IMG_0512




Confessions of a Failed Thief

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Superstitions: Hawaiian & Japanese



Part of A Japanese Fairy Tale

The old hag was furious and cut the sparrow’s tongue. Her husband was horrified and  felt tremendous sorrow for his friend was nowhere to be found.  
You call in sick and remain in bed all day on Friday; Saturday, and Sunday merge into an archipelago of isolation. You ask yourself, did you end up being the wretched, bitter wife; did you try to live a life like the honest, humble man; or are you the poor cut-tongue sparrow?