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West Coast: Writers Wanted


I was asked in writers’ workshop today, led by Harryiet Mullen, to fill out a writer’s inventory. One of the questions was

How do you participate and contribute to your community as a writer?

Did you know, it’s ginormous! The writing communities available if you’re living on the west coast. And they are all going on now or soon(it). A comprehensive list here.


Sharing a Diggity Poetry Reading Site

A quiet, potential writing spot.

A quiet, potential writing spot.


Poets–Gotta’ Love ’em

She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband, the poet.

Bio #2
He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, the poet.

Wiping Honey Off the Bench at Dover Beach: “On Sentimentality”

Wiping Honey Off the Bench at Dover Beach: “On Sentimentality”


They say you won’t understand
why I am truly First Person Fabulous. You may see me sitting on the red chair at the outdoor café,
white saucer, white cup to my lips.

They say Ambiguous You are disconnected from the tepid me. Instead of gulping tea and leafing open the paper,
you might witness my sobbing shoulders
and a maddening flicking of tears.
Am I more than an occupied parking stall approached a second too late?


But I know you are intelligent.
You are capable of dual activity: the duality of the connection we share, though not tangible, is “arterial and venous.”


They say poets imbibe sentiment with every sigh,
but if we agree to sit under the canopy of the Banyan tree,
Ambiguous You on your side
of your practical metal bench,
and First Person Fabulous me
placated on the idea of my imaginary one-foot bench,
couldn’t we curate the perfect environment
to generate poems of phô and snakes and pills?


Come then. “Let us be true to one another.”