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She’s Waiting There for Me


Homage to my Thighs



Inspired by Lucille Clifton

Homage to My Thighs

these thighs are hefty thighs
they are my strength and stability
these thighs are estatic thighs
their moves multiply in wiggles and jiggles
they don’t slide too quickly into skinny jeans
but if they do make it, all the way in, they look fabulous
they’re my Sagitarian thighs fleeing from fears
or propeling me toward necessary truths
these thighs are miraculous thighs
i have known them to wrestle and squeeze a lover
into perfect position


Spitting Caves, O’ahu

Simple pleasures.


Mirror, Mirror on the Lake

Mirror, Mirror on the Lake

I can’t believe how clear and beautiful the lakes are in Sisters, Oregon. It’s like a secret doorway into an underground world. Walk with me?