10 Facts Elvis Should Know About the Internet


1. You have 12 million likes on your Facebook. That’s pretty phenomenal.

2. Your 6,450 tweets are kind of a lot. (Sorry, I stopped following you after your 37th anniversary this summer).

3. Elvis-is-alive.com site is getting pretty close to disclosing your whereabouts. You might have to relocate soon.

4. The song “Elvis is Dead” by the rock band Living Color wasn’t all that popular. They disbanded, got back, and what not. But that’s beside the point.

5. Good Reads, a book review site, includes 36 quotes by you. (Except “When things go wrong, don’t go with them” is repeated six times.) You should have them fix that.

6. There’s a boulevard named after you and and a rap song (rhythmic and rhyming speech that’s chanted to music) named after your boulevard.

7. Your Elvis Lives Tour sold out again in Iceland, Dublin, and Newcastle this year.

8. Your YouTube channel (a video-sharing website) has over 35k subscribers.

9. YouTube contains twice as many “Elvis is Alive” vids (videos) than “Elvis is Dead.”

10. Elvis, it’s the Internet. Don’t believe everything you read.


2 responses to “10 Facts Elvis Should Know About the Internet

  1. 😀 relocate bwahahaha!


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