Soma(tics) While Living Among Others: If a woman eats an entire shark, what does she become?

Birds' Nests

Birds’ Nests

Sharks’ Fins

Dried Abalone






 First 20-minute decoction
My stomach curls around my back pulling you taut
stringent you—my umbilical cord—
dusted with ginseng
my ocean tongue salivates
peddle faster to the tornado of blue birds
Second 20-minute decoction
There’s a knocking at the back of my head
bleached bones reaching out, scooping me silver
Exhale—pass over me
We’re beautiful hush now
Third 20-minute decoction
My nostrils inhale you frayed
you—turgid and propped against the wall
Together we count your ribs: yellow, two, three, epsilon
I made you wave hi with your bleeding cheeks
Final decoction:
A catheter instead of a cock
dried sea glass blue and non-orgasmic:
a soup of ashes and cucumber floods my bed sheets
a million threads short trimmed, swimming free

 Soma(tic) inspired poem. See CA Conrad’s blog.

The soma(tic) instructions:

First 20-minute decoction: Through the Crooked Marsh While listening to Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, or Slavonic Dances, or some molto vivace music, breathe slowly and gently. Press and release your crooked marsh—the slight depression in one arm above your bent elbow. Look at the image on the floor. Imagine breathing life, music back into its form. Inhale your object’s medicinal powers. Imagine inhaling its microscopic powder. Switch arms.

Second 20-minute decoction: Through the Inner Gate While still listening to the symphony, press and release your inner gate. Look at the image in front of you. Breathe sideways through the width of your lungs and the ball joint of your shoulders. Inhale your object’s medicinal powers, up and down your spine; left and right through your shoulders. Who in your life could benefit from this remedy? Picture this person’s face. Breathe in medicinal remedies through your object; exhale to the thought of the person who needs it most.

Third 20-minute decoction: Through the Spirit Gate While still listening to the symphony, press and release your spirit gate. Look up at the image above you. Breathe in long, through the tunnel of your windpipe, through your stomach, your groin, through your blood vessels to your toes and back. Exhale gratitude, and light, and goodness to your third picture.

Stop the music and write down your feelings, noting any sensations floating through your body, your face, your breathing. What is silence? What does your silence say? Who has silenced you in the past? What would the new reconstituted and concentrated self say to them now? How can your silence heal others?



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