Dark Thoughts on a Red Night


There are dark nights
when you’re submersed in thoughts
of failures and just too shy of grabbing
that next marker, accomplishment,
a red hairband;
then someone lets you know
how pale life would be
if you weren’t there
to pull her hair back
so she could face down wind
and curse back at the world
with all her red hopes and optimism.
Inside, you smile yellow.


10 responses to “Dark Thoughts on a Red Night

  1. The dark on a red night is like a melody!


  2. This is beautiful my friend;) deep


  3. To avoid Beep Beep Boop , I go to link Post and click in New Post ….


  4. aloha Ponikaa Girl. a double treat. i like the painting a lot. it feels like hibiscus. beautiful color and sensitivity to clear, staining and sediment pigments.

    the writing is a great node to friendship or even family closeness (imo). and i have to like that inner Yellow smile. way cool. aloha.


  5. Lovely and somber. Beautifully evocative.


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