Vertical Questions: Writing Inspiration for Today

I hope you catch a quiet moment for yourself to create an answer. Feel free to share your creations. I’d love to see where these prompts take you.

1. How would you describe what home means to you? Is it different from your description of home ten years ago?

2. What do you give? What do you take?

3. How would your closest friend know you if you approached them without a body?

4. What does the rhythm of the earth sound like?

5. What is your favorite imprint?

6. Which object, man-made or natural, beckons to you most frequently?

7. Describe how you learned about humor.

8. What is the reason for your father’s suffering?

9. Where do lies come from?

10. Where does compassion come from?

11. Which is the most challenging membership you belong to?

12. What is awkward silence?


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