The Window or the Mirror: How Do You Write?

Spitting Caves, O'ahu





Do your stats or likes influence the nature of your next post?

I was still ruminating over yesterday’s interview with artist Stuart Breidenstein. We had a great discussion on describing the artist’s life: creating art to fill orders, creating pieces to fill the store, finally creating art he’s interested and currently passionate about.

So my partner and I discussed the whole balancing act and then he brought up the idea that all artist (writers, jewelry designers, painters, musicians) have to make a choice: “Do I create what I want to create?” or “Do I create what I think others will like?”

My partner used the analogy of the window as art which allows insight to the artist’s soul and passions, independent of outside criticism. He suggested the mirror is a type of art which the artist creates so people will see themselves in it and like.

Since I’ve re-entered the bloggers’ world, I have to decide every day. Should I post things that I have a need to create and share? But what if I have no followers, no likes. Or should I post things I know my fellow bloggers would like? Creative versus commercialized art.

Is there a happy medium?

2 responses to “The Window or the Mirror: How Do You Write?

  1. I think personally you can only write what you really want to write/post about, unless you are running a blog for profit or something which is a different thing altogether. What I find is that some posts seem to resonate with readers more than others. If I was thinking all the time about what my readers wanted to read I would drive myself crazy! I take them into account, of course, but ultimately the blogging journey is a personal one, which I choose to share with others and the satisfaction I gain from it is from the interaction I have with my readers and the relationships we build up. I suppose it depends how you define success or satisfaction. I agree though, in art, there will always be that conflict.


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