The Leisurely Cobbler and Hats: Definition of Success



There’s a cobbler in Italy, slightly slanted off the tourists’ path. He cobbles his shoes in the morning and plays his guitar in the afternoons. He leisurely goes inside when it’s time to resume work.

This story was told to me this morning in an interview I did with an artist in Bend, Oregon. The key word that I tripped over was “leisurely.” It’s how this artist defined success. Yes. As an artist and business owner you wear two hats: creator and manufacturer. Both are needed to survive.

But the ability to wear two hats, to take time off to swim in the lake or play guitar in the middle of your work day, could be a sure sign that one has reached success.



7 responses to “The Leisurely Cobbler and Hats: Definition of Success

  1. that is a great perspective. I love the idea:)


    • I think I struggle with defining success as a writer: appeal to masses or following my interests. Thanks for reading and comments.


      • for my first six months I started to drift more to feeding the masses but found I gave up my self for trying, now I went back to being true to me:) much happier for it. Just wish I had more leisure time to do what I love:)


      • not sure if first comment went through, thunder storm going on. I spent the first six months trying to write what I thought people would like, but now am making myself happy first by being true to me. Wish I had more leisure time to do what I love:)


      • Yes. It did. Good for you my friend. I have one or two more questions/thoughts related to this interview. Will post tomorrow (my time). Sweet night here. Stay safe and dry there.


  2. Loved this post! Sounds like the guy had a great perspective (of course life in Italy is also more laid back so that helps) I agree it swings on the word leisurely.


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