Today: A Ritual


Time-weathered bamboo stalk.

Time-weathered bamboo stalk.



Somewhere along our nightly rituals, my partner would kiss me and ask if I loved him today, which implies many undercurrents. Was I irritated with him, could there be something bothering me, or did I truly enjoy his presence in my life. Today.

“Yes. I love you. Today.” Or “I LOVE you today.”

Of course, some days: “No. Haven’t decided if I love you today” or just plain, “No. Not much.” On a white background, these words seem harsh, but it’s the tone and inside cue we’ve created to open up unpleasant conversations. I’m sure there are days when I’m not lovable either! (Very few though)

This dance reminds me to appreciate our love each day.

And once in a while, when you get an “I love you today and always”—Swoon. Love. Sigh.



3 responses to “Today: A Ritual

  1. Henry likes the way you write ponikka girl. Also, Henry often wonders what your picture is of? It is strangley intriguing and somehow, he often thinks of Patrick from spongebob square pants whilst trying to decipher that 1 inch square at the top left of your blogs.
    Anyway, good day to you!


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