A Wishful Hiatus From Mammograms

A Wishful Hiatus From Mammograms

There must be a better
way than squashing and
rolling them up
like moist clay coils
stretching my breasts narrow and long
almost snapping them off.

It’s like rolling up the car
window with one of them hanging
outside the door
flapping in the wind
careening down Highway 87:
like a yellow dog.

You want my breast to mimic the
the Statue of Liberty? The torpedoes
on PT boats?
No. The left one doesn’t
look like Mount Rushmore.

My bra’s off to you, Albert Salomon,
German surgeon in 1896,
who proved the x-ray could identify
cancer on three thousand
removed breasts
from deceased cancer patients.

Thanks. But I’d like to keep mine on
for the testing,
if you don’t mind.








3 responses to “A Wishful Hiatus From Mammograms

  1. loved this too much, not a fave thing to do but being a cancer survivor, sometimes a most necessary thing:) your work is so creative and makes give me a laugh which is an excellent thing my friend:)


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