Beep Beep Boop?

Wait time response before creating a new post here: BEEP BEEP BOOP.

According to Urban Dictionary, someone posted that it’s what to say when:

1. you see R2D2
2. someone is laughing randomly or for no reason
3. people in a larger crowd chant something with 3 syllables and you yell “beep beep boop”
4. its silent in a movie theater and you need to lighten the mood

Ok, WordPress people. I would have preferred something like: “Please wait. There’s a change in shift for the mice.” 


11 responses to “Beep Beep Boop?

  1. My whole setup changed with the beep beep boop thing, I have to go through my dashboard now to post (maybe something to do with being on an ipad) but I do not like this beep beep boop thing…I thought it was if you were in a mini car behind betty boop:)


  2. Your mice suggestion is MUCH better! Here’s what I said about “Beep, beep, boop”


  3. antoniodavirolanddebrito

    To avoid Beep Beep Boop , I go to link Post and click in New Post ….


  4. I was very unhappy with them changing the setup. I guess they must have had complaint, because now you can choose to keep the classic view. I did and now all is well.


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