His, Hers and Hers: Blended Families

It’s been four years since we’ve become a blended family; it’s been four days since the “wives” sat down with a few bottles of champagne to celebrate one of our kids high school graduation.

Photo by wanderinghome

True, I admit. I would avoid answering the phone when the caller ID showed her number. I would hang back to say hi from afar when we stopped by to pick up the kids. But there’s something about sharing in the joy of a child’s accomplishment (as well as sharing in the frustrations of a child’s lack of motivation), that breaks down walls which were probably self-induced in my own head.

I don’t think today’s exes carry the stigma they once did.

HER #1: If anyone would have told me 5 years ago that you and I would be sitting in my car going to the supermarket, I would have said, “Yeah, right!”

Graduation Student #34: I want to thank both my moms, my brother and my friends for supporting me these 18 years.

Graduation Student # 52: To mom…..to Steve…..To Daddy….to Stephanie, I’m so thankful you chose to join and be a part of this insane family.

HER #1: Cranberry Light and vodka? For Cosmos? That’s my favorite, too. You and I are a lot alike!

HIM: I think she really likes you, too. I think she likes you in the same way I like her new boyfriend. He’s just a really nice guy, and he looks out for the kids.

Daughter #2: Hi! I want to introduce you to my dad’s girlfriend….

HER #2: For some reason, it helped my kids to have one non-parent they could confide in, who then would inform me of what they were feeling. It’s just nice to have help when it comes to raising kids.

HIM: I think the more the kids to see all of us together getting along, the easier it is for them. That way they won’t feel a need to pick a side, to be loyal to only one side.

I could sit here and ponder whether we should have crossed this bridge earlier, whether it might have made a better impact on the kids sooner, but perhaps the bridge simply wasn’t finished being built then. It’s got great potential views looking from this side now.


4 responses to “His, Hers and Hers: Blended Families

  1. This is funny enough to be true. Or is it true enough to be funny? It’s a hard skill to write conversations but the tone sounds just like my family, we were just in Albuquerque for my cousin’s graduation. Thanks for visiting my site, yours is great!


  2. I wish I could have achieved something similar . 🙂


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