We think too much and feel too little

We think too much and feel too little

photo by Janoid

I was reminded about that saying once upon a long time ago when my relationship with Craig was new and undefined.

It was at that pivotal point in every budding relationship where it could be a good thing if you called it what it is–or not. The beginning of relationships are so fragile, like a whisper in your ear. Delicate. Intriguing. Intoxicating.

“What’s wrong with enjoying each other in the moment now?” True. There was a lot we had to learn about each other: our strengths, our weaknesses, our moods, our perseverance when times weren’t all sun shiny and romance. When I was gently reminded about how we think too much and feel too little, I thought, “Yes. It’s true…but I’d still like to know what we are.” I guess he’s right that I can be a bit impatient.

happily ever now

happily ever now

But that was then. Five years ago. We’re happily ever now. There’s something about his gentle soul that I innately trust. Trust is a solid foundation I knew, but didn’t really know-know. It’s allowed me to grow, to love him more especially when I don’t understand him, to relax, and to have faith in our journey together.

We think too much and feel too little explanation card

Even though he’s so not Mr. Techno Guy, I still think this card best describes us. Four years ago I had to explain to him that 143 on a text means “I love you.” So for the past year, every single text I get from him ends in “143”.

Our texts on Friday:

HIS : 14:39 – k just got home bout 30 mins. r u still working? 143

HERS: 15:07 – @ apple store

HIS: 15:11 – bye-bye Ipad I guess? 143

HERS: 15:12 – yup, yup.

HIS: 15:13 – It’s ok….we’ll get you an airbook later =) 143

Yes. Let’s not think too much about that expense, but feel a lot of love for a new travel-size laptop! Right, honey? 143.


One response to “We think too much and feel too little

  1. Im very thankful for my daughters…. my oldest for her strength & perserverance, my middle baby for washing my car & hers!! & my baby for allowing me to hug & cuddle her for longer than one minute… I have great kids!! \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 ….


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