the concept is born: Dancing in the Rain

This is not the maiden voyage opening of my new blog, and we’re probably still 40 steps away from opening it, but I thought it would be an interesting journey to see the behind the scenes of the birth of a logo.

Ponikaa's new web logo for Dancing in the Rain

sketch of Dancing in the Rain

HE SAID: Motion is shown with one powerful stroke. One motion.

My partner thinks it’s a lost art: the process. You have to understand, he’s old school. He comes from a background of fine arts. He thinks the computers are not the right medium to create, but it can copy. “They can never replicate the Arts.”

SHE SAID: But there are beautiful graphic creations truly original that can be created on the computer.

Mind-Blowing graphic illustrations in Photoshop

Josh Sommers Photoshop Art

HE SAID:  The difference between pretty pictures and art is intention. Look for the stoke of movement. Do you see one? Then it’s not art, just eye candy. Now you can go through these graphics and look at them with a critical eye. Yes, there is random beauty, then there is art.

She said: I get it. Training the eye. I will look at graphic illustrations differently from now on,  but I’m still waiting for my logo.

To be continued….

Josh Sommers Photo Illustration

One powerful, intentional stroke to show movement

One powerful, intentional stroke showing movement

She's dancing in the rain, in two lines.


One response to “the concept is born: Dancing in the Rain

  1. Ooh, what a brilliant idea! Like, like, like!


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